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4 in 1 Dehydrator

4 in 1 Dehydrator
Packaging & Delivery
Master Pack Qty:
Master Pack Weight:
14 kg
Master Carton :
96 x 42 x 40 cmH
Unit Weight with Packaging :
Unit Packaging :
48 x 42 x 40 cmH
20 Ft" :
40 Ft" :


4-in-1 Dehydrator. Steamer. Rice Cooker. Yogurt maker

The Lexen 4-in-1 Dehydrator is the first dehydrator on the market to promote a steamer, rice cooker and a yogurt maker. This innovative kitchen utensil makes fresh nutritious food easily from both natural and processed ingredients. The Lexen 4-in-1 Dehydrator allows you to steam Chicken, Fish, Rice and Vegetables, make various flavours of natural Yogurts and much more!

With the Lexen 4-in-1 Dehydrator "Improving your health has never been easier"

The Lexen 4-in-1 Dehydrator has an 33 cm circular base allowing you to maker more then the six jugs provided of natural yogurt. With the trays also being the same size as the base preparing food for any given occasion will be a joy with the Lexen 4-in1 Dehydrator.

Just simply wash and slice your selected fruit or vegetable and place them on your selected trays. Then wait and enjoy fresh wholesome dried food

This dehydrator is made from high quality materials suitable fro use in a dehydrator. All materials used in the Dehydrator are FDA approved. CE and UL certified.