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Electric Fruits & Wheatgrass Juicers

Electric Fruits & Wheatgrass Juicers
Packaging & Delivery
Master Pack Qty:
Master Pack Weight:
15 kg
Master Carton :
44 cm x 43 cm x 31 cmH
Unit Weight with Packaging :
7.5 kg
Unit Packaging :
41 cm x 22 cm x 27 cmH
20 Ft" :
40 Ft" :


Live Enzyme Juicer

The Live Enzyme Juicer is an affordable electric single gear masticating juicer. It easily crushes fruit and vegetables, including hard vegetables such as beets, carrots and even wheatgrass and barley grass.

The Live Enzyme Juicer is the first masticating juicer on the market that uses an auger without a juicing screen. The auger moves at only 76 RPM (Revs Per Minute), which means hardly any enzymes or nutrients will be lost in the juicing process. With the Live Enzyme Juicer you can now enjoy fresh cold pressed juice with a 'live' taste keeping all of the nutrition and goodness intact.

It is an affordable and powerful single geared masticating juicer that "crushes" fruits and vegetables including hard vegetables including carrots and beetroot. Because their is no heat generated as in other juicers, all of the enzymes are preserved for a fresh and "live" taste, with all of the nutrition intact.