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Manual Vacuum Containers
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Keeps juice & food fresh longer

These are for ensuring fresh juice is not oxidised and food such as salads, biscuits, nuts retain their crisp freshness. The Lexen Vacuum Jugs are sold as a set three with a electric vacuum pump.

These containers are perfect for storing juice for 3-times as long as a conventional storage unit! Storing juice in these vacuum containers will last up to 3-days without losing any nutrients! The NutriVac Vacuum Sealers a great for orange, apple, grapefruit, carrot, wheatgrass juice and many more! Not only is it great on juices, but it works on any type of food product you wish to keep safe and fresh including coffee, grain, fresh fruit and vegetables.

The NutriVac system has a positive locking valve which keeps air out for up to 3-months as well as a patented spout design which pours juice easily with no mess when you release the vacuum seal.It also has a built in pressure indicator so you know when you are safe.

It is also wonderful to marinate vegetables and meat in minutes instead of hours. Just throw it in, seal it up and the marinade gets soaked up in minutes!

The NutriVac is a package deal! It comes with 10 Oz, 16 Oz and 56 Oz Jars and the vacuum pump.

Main Features of the NutriVac Vacuum Sealer System

  • Comes with three multi-size unbreakable plastic containers
  • Affordable and compact
  • Preserve your expensive juice and other goods
  • Multi-Use for marinades
  • Patented locking system
  • Preserve for up to 3-months